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We were walking out of the grocery store and it was raining outside. Sarah rolls her eyes and says, "Uhh, my hair!" We get into the van and I ask her, "What about your hair, Sarah?" She replies, "It's sick... like icky!" I guess she has heard me say that about my hair before after being in the rain!

While teaching Sarah subtraction, I was using little toys to represent the numbers. There were 3 and I asked her what is 3 minus 2 . Sarah responded with "No! MINE IS two, yours is one!" :-) Instead of using 'minus' I now use 'take away', and she gets it right away! What a smart little girl, she keeps us all laughing!

She had a baton that she got at the dollar store. It was liquid filled and she wasn't too careful with it. In fact, she liked to bang it against things like the walls and doors. We told her it was going to break if she wasn't more careful with it, but she didn't listen. One day, it did break. Liquid started pouring out of it. It had to be thrown away. She came in the room, saw it in the garbage, and told Mom, "But that's been in the family for years!" (Actually, she had it for about three days maximum.)

While driving in the car with the windows rolled down, the wind was blowing on Sarah in the backseat. Sarah was upset about it and said:
"This is no time for drama drama drama. My hair is blowing!"

Sarah Evangeline LuHua, 4 years old

June 11th was our little princess's 4th birthday! It is so hard to believe that Sarah Lu is now FOUR years old!!

Rachael made her the most beautiful Princess cake. It was a pink and purple castle with turrets, and it was just stunning!

We had a Princess themed party for The Princess Sarah Lu's birthday celebration. The table was set in all Disney Princesses while her wrapping paper was Barbie Island Princess (one of her very favorite movies).

Her card was a singing Ro (Barbie Island Princess) card. She just held her card and danced to the music; it was adorable!

Opening her Belle Barbie from Yashi.

And her Littlest Pet Shop Playhouse from Chrissy.

Opening her pink bubble wand, the puppies wanted to help! While she was opening one end, both Wesley and Lilly started opening the other end all on their own!
Playing. One of her presents was Barbie Taffy Dog and Puppies. Every time we would go to the store since March, she has seen that toy and said, "I really want this for my birthday!", and so of course, that was one of the first things we knew we had to get for her. When she opened it, she squealed, ran around the room holding the box and said "This is just the present I wanted!" It was the sweetest thing!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful 4-year-old mei mei!
And Happy 18 months Gotcha!