This week's Family FotoFun Friday Challenge from Double Happiness is "Sleepyhead".
So here are Sarah Lu's "sleepyhead" photos! (Click to see them larger) These are some of my very favorite "sleepyhead" pictures. They were taken in Guangzhou in December. I absolutely love the first one because it is SO sweet! That is the first time that Sarah fell asleep in Daddy's arms!!

These were also taken in Guangzhou! And nowhere else but the famous Lucy's restaurant on Shamian Island! These are so adorable because Sarah was so tired that she just fell asleep right in her rice, as you can see in the top two pictures, and then in the last one, Mama caught her because she was completely out!

And here is Sarah and her Gou-Gou Wesley in the van. As you can notice, a "crime" took place and these photos are the evidence! Sarah was eating in her car seat when she fell asleep with her food still in her hand. Well, Wesley noticed that she was asleep, so he jumped right into the opportunity for an extra snack! He just leaped up there right by her and swiped it right out of her hand! "Swiper, NO swiping!"

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Meg said...

These are really cute! I love the one of her in daddy's is precious!