This week's Family FotoFun Friday Challenge on Double Happiness is "Pets"!
We have "Two Gou-Gou's" (Dogs): Wesley, our 2 year old Lab/? Mix and Lilly, our 10 month old Lab/Border Collie Mix. Sarah Lu LOVES her "Gou-Gou" and "Two Gou-Gou's" (this is actaully how she refers to them! When we go somewhere, she says as she is walking out the door, "Bye-Bye Gou-Gou, Bye Bye TWO Gou-Gou's"!) And Sarah Lu's "Gou-Gou's" adore her! They especially love it when food drops from "The Chair"(Sarah's High-Chair) They also love to give Sarah Lu lots and lots of kisses! When Sarah first came home, she always liked her dogs, but always would wipe off their kisses, now she is a complete dog lover (just like me!) and gets so excited whenever she sees a dog and adores her gou-gou's and loves it when they give her kisses! Too sweet!! :)Wesley, Sarah, and Lilly

Sarah Lu and Lilly

Sarah Lu and Wesley

Sarah "feeding" Wesley

Sarah and Wesley relaxing and watching TV

Sarah Lu and Lilly

Sarah and Wesley

"I LOVE you, Wesley!"

The Beautiful Princess Lilly

The Handsome King Wesley

Lilly wearing Sarah's Bib!
Ahh...My sweet little Drama Queen!

And since Wesley and Lilly are just oh so cute, here are some puppy pictures!

Baby Wesley, the day we got him, May 05, 12 weeks old

Wesley playing with his Frisbee...Look at how tiny he was then!!

Wesley all-grown up with his new baby. Lilly, the day she came home, 9 weeks old.
Aww, she is so tiny and sweet! Now, she is taller than her big brother!

Lilly, our snow bunny!

Baby Lilly, What a sweet face!

Wesley, 12 weeks

Lilly, 12 weeks

Right before we left for China in December, I made a video, practicing for making Sarah's adoption movie, of Wesley and Lilly.


LadyBug Journals said...

Love the Drama Queen pic!
Too funny.

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

aww sarah lu and her gou gou and 2 gou gous are so cute!