This week's Family FotoFun Friday Challenge on Double Happiness is "Gotcha Clothes"!We all had fun putting Sarah Lu into her Gotcha Clothes! It brought back so many memories... the last time she had worn those clothes, she came to us. Sarah has changed so much since coming home. In China, Sarah did not prefer Mommy, but now we are having "Only Mommy!" issues where Sarah only wants her Mommy to do things for her. Sarah really bonded to me while we were in China and wanted "Jie Jie" for everything... Now I'll sometimes get "Only Mommy!" She is such a joy! Sarah has done amazingly well in her transition. She has picked up English so quickly and already speaks in long comprehensive sentences... It is truly amazing!
She has also grown quite a bit... Today, Sarah Lu is 34 months old, 32 lbs, 37 inches tall, and wears a size 7 shoe.

Looking at Sarah Lu's Gotcha clothes, I recognized some things...
The little peachy orange sweater with flowers is 'The Children's Place'! How fitting that even her gotcha outfit would be Children's Place, most of her clothes at home are too!!
The little blue jeans are 'Baby Gap'! And the underwear she was wearing was 'Winne the Pooh'!

When we got out Sarah's Gotcha clothes, she was so excited to see her orange coat. Then she saw her shoes and was so happy. She started saying, "Di Di's Shoes! Di Di's Shoes!" (Di Di means Little Brother in Mandarin) Sarah asked us, "Can we go see Di Di now?" Out of all of Sarah Lu's little friends in China, I think Di Di was her favorite! She has even told us that she loved Di Di most! Below is a photo of Sarah Lu in China with her Di Di.

I have just made a video for Sarah to watch of her friends in China. You can tell by how she talks about them how much she loves them.
Below in the video, She is remembering them.


Monica said...

Sarah is adorable! And of course you can link to my blog...I'm not stingy with it. lol.

Monica said...

Sarah is adorable! And of course you can link to my blog. I'm not stingy with it. lol said...

She is so precious. Doesn't it seem like yesterday?