This week's Family FotoFun Friday Challenge on Double Happiness is "Baby Strollers!"Look at my new stroller! In Shijaizhuang, Hebei, China.

At the Hebei Province Museum... Sarah Lu's stroller...
Note the two little hands pushing it!

Stroller Buddies! A baby in his stroller and Sarah Lu in hers!

Pretty girl in Guangzhou waiting to go into the Medical exam.

Jie Jie Yashi, Sarah Lu, and Mommy on Shamian Island at night

Friends Forever! Rebekah, AnnaClaire, and Sarah Lu!

All ready to leave Guangzhou... Sarah Lu and her stroller!

Sarah Lu on Easter with her "new" stroller! Of course, this one works much better for puppy!


tegdirb92 said...

wow--great captures of strollers!! I love the orange color. take Care. said...

Too much cuteness going on here! Great fotos.


Lexie said...

Hey I just saw the comment that you left on one of my blogs! I added you as one of my friends!!!
Its great to meet you!
Sarah Lu is precious!!
Thanks for your comment!

my email is -- if you want to talk there!!

BigSis said...

She is so sweet! See you on June 12th!!


Shelly said...

cute blog -- my fave picture is the one with her little hands peeking over.

Lilly's Sissy said...

the last picture is my favorite!! I am so ready to get back with my posting! love this post!!!